Hi, I’m Lindsay. I’m the one whose name is on the front page of the website. I’m the one offering you my business support services.

What gives me the edge over anyone else? What qualifies me to help you?

Well, let me explain. I’ve worked in businesses for a decade, undertaking a variety of roles to oil the cogs and keep businesses moving along in the right direction.

I’ve specialised in quality assurance for a lot of my career. This involved monitoring data and evidence to assure consistency and adherence to contracted guidelines. I’ve developed skills in, frankly, a lot of really useful areas. Think data analysis and interpretation, report writing, MS Office and Excel, auditing, administration, and communication.

Recently, I’ve worked as a copywriter and blogger. I can help out with written content, websites, social media, and even visual media. Your blog is your business, so don’t be afraid to delegate.

I know, it doesn’t sound the most interesting thing in the world. Without people like me it can be difficult to keep important parts of your working life ticking over. I’m here to pick up anything you don’t have the time or resources to do. Tasks get done and give you the piece of mind of a job well done.

If you’ve never worked with virtual business support before, don’t worry. Think of me as the fairy that ticks off your to-do list whilst you’re busy doing other things!